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Raja Gaj, or king elephant, was estimated to be 11 feet 3 inches nearly 3. The bull was one of the main tourist attractions at Bardia National Park in southwest Nepal. Kharel said he could not be sure if Raja Gaj had been killed by poachers, an illegal but common activity in the region.

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Elephants have been revered for centuries in Asia, playing an important role in the continent's culture and religion. They are also play a critical role in maintaining the region's forests. But their habitat is shrinking and Asian elephants are now endangered.

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All rights reserved. As the world's largest land mammal, elephants have quite the commanding presence. But did you know elephants can't jump?

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Elephants are an important cultural icon in Asia. According to Hindu mythology, the gods deva and the demons asura churned the oceans in a search for the elixir of life so that they would become immortal. As they did so, nine jewels surfaced, one of which was the elephant. In Hinduism, the powerful deity honored before all sacred rituals is the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha, who is also called the Remover of Obstacles.

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Metrics details. Nepal provides habitat for approximately — wild Asian elephants Elephas maximus. Although a small proportion of the world population of this species, this group is important for maintaining the genetic diversity of elephants and conservation of biodiversity in this region.

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Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth, and they're one of the most unique-looking animals, too. With their characteristic long noses, or trunks; large, floppy ears; and wide, thick legs, there is no other animal with a similar physique. Most experts recognize two species of elephant: the Asian elephant Elephas maximus and the African elephant Loxodonta africanawho live on separate continents and have many unique features.

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In the southern Bago Yoma mountain range in Myanmar, Asian elephants are being killed at a disturbing rate. This emerging crisis was identified initially through a telemetry study when 7 of 19 of collared elephants were poached within a year of being fitted with a satellite-GPS collar. Subsequent follow up of ground teams confirmed the human caused death or disappearance of at least 19 elephants, including the seven collared individuals, within a 35 km 2 area in less than two years.

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Today's hours: a. Asian elephants are native to the scrub forests and rain forests of India, Nepal, and parts of Southeast Asia. At 6, to 13, pounds and feet high at the shoulder, Asian elephants are among the largest living land animals, but are smaller than their African relatives, with smaller ears and rounded backs. Humans have worked with Asian elephants for around 5, years.

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We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our website and to help us provide the best possible experience for users. View our Cookie Policy for more information. Asian elephant numbers have roughly halved in the last years.

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Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran born is a captive elephant owned by Thechikottukavu devasom, a temple in Kerala. Ramachandran sadly killed an elephant [3] [4] The partly blind elephant plays a key role in several Pooram festivals but was banned from public display on multiple occasions. During its lifetime, it has killed a record 13 people and injured hundreds, and also caused the death of three other elephants.


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